Kertastjaki Glee grár h:22cm

h: 22 cm

Work subtle detailing and a calm colour into your home décor with this glass candle holder. House Doctor has designed Glee with air bubbles to add balance and detailing to the heavy glass. Use the candle holder in your windowsill or on your coffee table paired with the smaller version and personalise your display with items in other materials. If you want to make its material and features the highlight, combine the candle holder with House Doctor glass vases with similar bubbles. With its classic design, the Glee candle holder will soon become a favourite. Since the candle holder is handmade, its finish, size and colour may vary

Material: Glass

Specifications: (candle/dia: 2,3cm), Handmade glass, Finish/Colour/Size may vary

Care: Clean with a moist cloth


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